Why Canasups?

Canasups is Germany's first brand for revolutionary 420 supplements. We want to sustainably improve enjoyment by intensifying the effect and minimizing unwanted side effects on the body.
We are the future of indulgence!

€24,95 EUR

The HIGH PERFORMER+ is a plant concentrate that was specifically developed to reduce your tolerance. With regular consumption, you will eventually build up a tolerance...

€29,95 EUR

Experience a new level of high with INTENSITY+ Our INTENSITY+ can enhance the effects of your favorite plant 🥦 to give you a more intense and fulfilling experience. Our unique f...

€14,95 EUR

BRAIN BALANCE+ is a high-quality , natural dietary supplement specifically developed to improve brain performance . It contains omega-3 fatty acids , which are known to improve...

Why Canasups?

  • Made in Germany
  • Natural ingredients
  • Specifically for your target group
  • Tailored to your needs
  • Above-average retailer margins

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